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Berry Brioche with Custard Cream

One of our bestselling pastries, soft brioche bun topped up with vanilla pastry cream, mixed berries and crunchy crumble

Cheddar & Porcini Mushroom Vatrushka

Brioche style bun filled with cheddar cheese, potatoes, hearbs and fragrant porcini mushrooms

Cinnamon & Walnut Bun

Another traditional flavour of Russia - brioche roll with walnut, cinnamon and sugar filling

Poppyseed Bun

One of the most popular flavours in Russia and Eastern Europe – a brioche pastry with rich poppy seed and sugar filling

Traditional Vatrushka

Our customers favourite - soft brioche bun filled with soft vanilla cottage cheese


Vatrushka products

An old Slavic (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus) pastry in the shape of the Sun. Formed of a ring of yeast dough with savoury or sweet filling in the middle, the most traditional one being with ricotta cheese cream.


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